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Portfolio I



The Organic Modern Collection by Studio NYC Design embodies the style, energy, and unique complexity of the city it began in: New York. With an eclectic blend of unexpected patterns and scales designed to be mixed and matched, this foundational collection is at once timeless and modern, casual and sophisticated, bold and subtle, playful and calming.

Drawing inspiration from natural elements of the earth, sea, and sky, this collection blends soothing neutrals with deep shades of stone gray, black, forest green, and indigo and vibrant pops of teal, cobalt, coral, and sunflower.

The fresh, versatile designs of Organic Modern blur the line between urban and natural for a look that is laid back and luxurious.


Portfolio II



The Natural Expressions Textile Collection by Studio NYC Design is full of prints & wovens that are labeled after specific elements of the earth. Names like Silva, Zawn, & Pirr all describe the natural patterns of the fabrics, coloring from deep lapis blue to shimmering rosΓ© pink. Portfolio II is sure to inspire and excite the urban-living, nature-conscious consumer of SNYCD.  


Nancy Fire


Meet Nancy, the designer behind Studio NYC Design.

Nancy is recognized for her natural ability to connect her passion for color and design with a keen understanding of the ever-changing evolution of lifestyle trends. She is the talent behind various retail brands and product development programs, specializing in trend research and development, print and color direction, and keynote speaking for industry events.

Nancy brings her love for print and color and her innate sense of style to the Organic Modern collection for Studio NYC Design, giving it a carefree, natural touch.

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