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Inspired by nature and made for today’s modern lifestyle 

bringing the outdoors inside. sitting in the damp grass. jumping into the pool. floating. being lazy but working hard. mimosas on the patio. reading on the porch. playing with the doggo. picnic in the backyard. leaves changing colors. smell of the campfire. chilly walk on the beach. listening to the waves. cold water on the feet. snuggles by the fire. warm coffee in the hands. empty branches and dark at four o’clock. finally the warmth of the sun. blooming flowers everywhere. sweet smelling wind. hikes up the mountain. kissing in the rain. naps in the hammock. dreaming of the future. 

Appreciating what we might not see everyday.

Welcome to Studio NYC Design.


Nancy Fire


Meet Nancy, the designer behind Studio NYC Design.

Nancy is recognized for her natural ability to connect her passion for color and design with a keen understanding of the ever-changing evolution of lifestyle trends. She is the talent behind various retail brands and product development programs, specializing in trend research and development, print and color direction, and keynote speaking for industry events.

Nancy brings her love for print and color and her innate sense of style to the Organic Modern collection for Studio NYC Design, giving it a carefree, natural touch.

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